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Elegant Jewelry offers a wide variety of Tungsten jewelry in many styles to fit your discerning taste. Tungsten has an unmistakable dark gun metal grey color and an invincible high gloss that sets it in a class apart from any other precious metal. The jewelry industry has diversified greatly with the rise in the number of Tungsten designs. It is considered to be one of the "model metals" or new to the jewelry industry. Tungsten's intriguing new features set it apart from other fine metals and this has allowed Tungsten jewelry to become the hottest, fastest growing men's jewelry craze in the nation!

Tungsten is one of the hardest metallic substances in the world which makes this modern metal sought after for its scratch resistant properties. It is more scratch resistant than gold, platinum, titanium and steel. In fact the only way to scratch a tungsten ring or bracelet
is with a diamond. No other material will affect it. Due to its dense quality it is similar in weight to platinum. It is the only rare and exotic metal that can promise permanence in polish and finish that will endure until the end of time. Tungsten is made with Nickel. Tungsten is Cobalt free, & Tungsten does not rust. Tungsten is Corrosion and scratch resistant.

Tungsten is about 10 times harder than 18K Gold, 5 times harder than tool steel, and 4 times harder than titanium. Tungsten measures between 8 and 9 on the Mohs hardness scale; where diamonds are a 10 - the highest. Due to their extreme hardness, Tungsten rings will hold their shape and shine longer than any ring on the market. Each Tungsten ring is individually hand-crafted using assorted diamond abrasives and polycrystalline diamond tooling.

To create Tungsten the process involves combining specific elements in up to 40 separate, labor-intensive processes to fabricate, refine, and polish each ring blank. Pure tungsten is a steel-gray to tin-white metal. Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals, and at temperatures over 1650oC has the highest tensile strength. The heavy weight and the enduring finish of a tungsten ring, speak of commitment, security and an everlasting bond. Tungsten can be finished in numerous surfaces and even reflects the appearance of the popular Titanium metal while having the weight properties of Tungsten.

Elegant Jewelry has a vast selection of wonderful new, contemporary designs made from Tungsten.

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